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Tennis has its roots as a sport in the English Victorian period, being a sport played in the beginning mostly by aristocrats and wealthy people that wanted to enjoy a pleasurable evening. The oldest tennis competition in the world is Wimbledon. Wimbledon has prestige and glamor written in its history. The first edition of Wimbledon was called the Lawn Tennis Championship, and it was played in 1877, two years after Major Walter Clapton Wingfield implemented the tennis rules of play.

The rules of how to play tennis hadn’t changed much from 1890 when the Cambridge rules were applied in the game. If you would like to understand how to play tennis, you first have to know something about the equipment used to play this beautiful sport. Each player uses a racket to hit the ball over a net, into his opponent side of the court. The racket size can vary, from petite to rackets of big dimensions.

To really learn how to play tennis, you should really watch the games of the pros. The ATP number one at the present is Rafael Nadal, a player that you surely know if you are an enthusiast of this sport or just a newbie that want to know how to play this beautiful sport. Nadal is a formidable tennis player famous for his aggressive behind the baseline defense and tenacious court coverage. Nadal is named “The King of Clay” being doubted by many experts as the best clay tennis player of all time. In fact, almost all of his victories over his biggest rival and former number one Roger Federer were on clay, leading the overall head-to-head series with 14 to 7.

Nadal and Federer are also the only pair of men to have finished six consecutive calendar years as the top two in the ATP circuit. Comparing Nadal’s style of play with Federer’s is like comparing a striker with a goalkeeper, their playing styles are totally different. While Nadal is a had working player, Federer plays a more relaxed and precise tennis.

Federer’s best assets are his serve and his precision of his backhand, being more of a static player on the tennis court. Now, that’s a pair of players that really knows how to play tennis; you surely would have a lot to learn if you watch the games of these two amazing players.

If you are a girl wanting to know how to play tennis, you can also watch great female tennis players, such as the Williams sisters and Kim Clijsters. Kim Clijsters is famous for her athletic and fast style of play. She is the first women to retain the US Open after Serena Williams in 2001, being also only the third woman to win two Grand Slams as a mother.

If you want to play well in the tennis match and if you wish to improve your performance as a tennis player, it is advisable that you should first learn the important techniques as well as methodologies of this type of game as much as you can. As a beginner, if you learn these techniques quickly and effectively, there is every possibility that you will be able to develop your interest for it and that you will be able to enjoy it in the greatest possible way. This article will highlight on a few essential tips that you should follow as a beginner in order to learn the techniques of this type of game as quickly as possible.

Seek help of an expert tennis coach

Before you decide to play this type of game, it is advisable that you should contact an experienced tennis coach to learn these techniques as quickly as possible. Even if you consider yourself to be a talented tennis player, it is vital that you should take his help to learn backhand stroke, volley, lobs and other techniques that are associated with it. You can watch videos on the internet to learn these things but these videos cannot be considered to be an effective replacement for this type of coach.

Do not feel discouraged

If you did not show your best performance during this kind of game that you played a few months back, it is vital that you should not feel discouraged any point of time. All you need to do is to find out what exactly went wrong at that time and what things you need to improve your performance in the next one. You should always try to learn from your past mistakes and you should try to enhance your skills as much as you can.

Prepare your body for this type of game

Before you begin this kind of practice session, it is advisable that you should perform warm up session for at least five or six minutes. If you do so, there is possibility that you should be able to prepare your body for the next one. You can increase your stamina and you will also feel refreshed. Make sure that you keep an active lifestyle. Tennis is a physically demanding sport and requires proper conditioning. You can’t be sitting on the couch all hours not playing tennis and expect to play well. It is also important to eat healthy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and make sure to get extra nutrients. You may ever want to take some quality supplements.

Try to learn from popular tennis players

If you watch matches of Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams or other popular players of this kind of game, it is advisable that you should try to follow their techniques as much as you can. For example, you should follow the shots or strokes that they played, the way they prepared for their shots and the exclusive playing strategies that they employed and so on. Once you study these techniques thoroughly, it is advisable that you should try to adopt them in the best possible way.

Keep your contact with this type of ball

As a beginner, it is vital that you should always remain in contact with this type of ball as much as you can during this type of game. If you are unable to do so, there is every possibility that you will feel quite frustrated. You should always focus on this type of ball as long as possible and you should also focus on the layer of this type of ball. If you keep an eye on this type of ball, there is every possibility that you will be able to hit it with your racquet successfully.


The most conventional way to understand how to play professional tennis and improve your tennis is to start practicing several times a week. Partaking in a disciplined routine will be the only way to learn really how to play tennis. You can learn as much tennis theory as you can, without practicing you will never learn the tricks and the beauty of this amazing sport.

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